About CCJ

CCJ Mortgage Expert was established to give prospective homebuyers expert advice, helping people from across the UK secure the best possible mortgages, no matter how tricky their current situation may be. It’s important to remember that mortgages can be challenging and complex at the best of times, so whether you’re disheartened to have been rejected by banks or high street lenders, we can help you simplify the process. We use our wealth of knowledge and experience to help you overcome obstacles and assess the options that can help you fulfill your lifelong dreams.

Maximising your chances of success

With a highly trained, experienced and friendly team, we have helped many individuals, couples and families open doors to specialist lenders who look beyond credit ratings and take the time to understand each individual’s situation. Whether you have no credit history, are going through bankruptcy or have missed mortgage payments, we can increase your chances of success, whilst giving you the necessary help and advice to help you improve your situation and continue building your bucket list!

Based in Luton, we’ve developed a strong reputation in the industry for our no obligation advice and there is absolutely no pressure from our dependable team. Even if you’re only starting to think about a mortgage, we can provide specialist guidance to set you on the right path so that when the time comes you’ll understand the options available to you. With a huge collection of glowing testimonials, CCJ Mortgage Expert is nominated for industry awards annually, and you can learn more about our customer journeys by reading through our many reviews and examples. Whether you prefer a telephone call or a sit down chat over a cup of tea or coffee, we can ensure you get the right advice every step of the way.


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